Retail IT Challenges

Your retail and wholesale systems should be working for you.
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The Bottom Line in Retail
Retail businesses face increasing pressure to stay relevant in today’s multi-channel marketplace and are struggling to stay profitable. Increased use of technology helps inventory get to the correct location, drive store and internet traffic, and streamline operations. In this ever-changing environment BLC can help you control technology cost and improve bottom line performance.

Here are a few of the challenges BLC will help you overcome:

  • Complex licensing
  • Decentralized operations
  • Shelfware
  • Lack of information
  • Improved utilization
  • Technology Inventory Management

Where Do Savings Come From?

Optimizing Licenses40%
Consolidating Platforms25%
Vendor Negotiations20%
Overpayment Recovery15%
We at BLC are Technology Resultants specializing in the world of cost cutting and technology life cycle management. Our approach fits almost any challenge, and is derived from years of experience in a variety of industries.    BLC’s clients save between 10-40% of their recurring IT spend. We have extensive experience with your largest technology vendors with over $200 million in savings delivered.