Retail IT Challenges

Your retail and wholesales systems should be working for you.
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The Bottom Line in Retail
Retail businesses face increasing pressure to stay relevant in today’s multi-channel marketplace and are struggling to stay profitable. They are ramping up the use of technology to get inventory to the correct location, drive traffic, streamline operations, with the aim to improve bottom line performance. In this ever-changing environment keeping costs in reign become even more relevant.

Here are a few of the challenges BLC will help you overcome:

  • Complex licensing
  • Decentralized operations
  • Shelfware
  • Lack of information
  • Improved utilization
  • Technology Inventory Management

Where Do Savings Come From?

Optimizing Licenses40%
Consolidating Platforms25%
Vendor Negotiations20%
Past Spend Recovery/Errors and Omissions15%
We at BLC are Technology Resultants specializing in the world of cost cutting and technology life cycle management. Our approach fits almost any challenge, and is derived from years of experience in a variety of industries.    BLC’s clients save between 10-40% of their recurring IT spend. We have extensive experience with your largest technology vendors with over $200 million in savings delivered.