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Don't let a software audit or SAM be a scary thing.
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What are Audit and SAM Services?
If your business has not already experienced an arduous software audit then expect to go through one in the near future. As software companies look to maximize revenue, enforced SAM engagements and Audits have become standard business practices. Audit’s are always challenging, often leading to disadvantageous Enterprise agreements and un-budgeted expenses. BLC can help you fend off or get through any audit with our proven process. It doesn't matter if you know the audit is coming or if its a total surprise - we help you prepare, we help you manage the process and we are a valuable partner throughout the audit process.

Trust in our many years of experience dealing with audits. We can help. We can make sense of it and provide you with a clear path ahead. Give us a call today.
The Plan
BLC’s steps to minimize the impact of an audit include:

  • Engage with the vendor and auditor
  • Review audit reports
  • Review Agreements and Entitlements
  • Estimate financial impact
  • Identify Risk Areas
  • Negotiate and Close Audit
  • Deliver Savings
3 Costly Mistakes