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We identify opportunities to recover past spend and optimize future spend
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The Root of the Problem
Most companies are proficient at negotiating IT purchases, but have traditionally struggled to manage contracts, maintain hardware assets, comply with software licensing terms, and control recurring maintenance spend. There are many tools that provide asset inventory tracking, but most IT organizations struggle to keep this information up-to-date, and more importantly, are not able to leverage them to identify and sustain savings. The root problem is incomplete or inaccurate information from hardware and software vendors, compounded by the lack of a dedicated systematic approach.

BLC’s Technology Lifecycle Management ( TLM ) combines our proprietary software tools, customized portal and managed services, delivering a robust platform to manage your vendor contracts, amendments, maintenance renewals, hardware inventories and software licensing.
The Solution
BLC’s TLM process goes beyond just financial impact. The intangible impact to the organization will be felt for many years:

  • Accurate budgeting and forecasting of maintenance
  • Flat-lining of refresh cycles
  • Standardization of technology platforms
  • Consolidation of purchasing (Corporate and Regional)
  • Risk management
  • Modified vendor behavior
  • Greater financial stewardship
  • Improved value-based purchase justification
  • Prepared for mergers/acquisitions impact

Where Do Savings Come From?

Optimizing Licenses40%
Consolidating Platforms25%
Vendor Negotiations20%
Overpayment Recovery15%
We at BLC are Technology Resultants specializing in the world of cost cutting and technology life cycle management. Our approach fits almost any challenge, and is derived from years of experience in a variety of industries.    BLC’s clients save between 10-40% of their recurring IT spend. We have extensive experience with your largest technology vendors with over $200 million in savings delivered.